Head of Fintech and Payments

Israel Bitton

israel bitton

Israel is a corporate & financial services regulatory lawyer with a particular focus on fintech, payments, digital banking and consumer finance. Admitted as a member of the Law Society of England and Wales in 2010 Israel boasts extensive experience advising on EU and UK law and regulation, products, digital banking, e-money, payments, virtual currency and consumer finance industries. He also advises on non-sector specific legislation such as money laundering compliance and data protection. Prior to joining David Rabbi Law Firm, Israel’s legal career saw him develop a mastery of the nuances of both UK and EU law, insofar as the issues and complexities faced in payment services industry. He advises entrepreneurs and businesses, both large and small, on compliance guidelines, and devises strategies for ensuring they’re adhered to.

At the firm, Israel oversees everything pertaining to fintech and payments, and is responsible for developing strong relationships with industry stakeholders, partners, regulators and consultants.